7 Artists for Your Halloween 2021 Playlists


Spooky season is right around the corner, which means it’s time to put your costumes together and cook up your Halloween playlists.

If you’ve got an appetite for music that isn’t afraid to get a little dark, here is a list of artists with songs that will keep you spooked all night long. 👻❗️

1. Au/Ra

Antiguan-German singer Au/Ra has no shortage of bangers that make up her dark fairytale world. ‘Dead Girl! (Shake My Head)’, which was released earlier this year, will have you questioning how anyone could make something so morbid become so irresistibly catchy.

2. DeathbyRomy

Death becomes her: few pop artists are as influenced by horror and the macabre as DeathbyRomy. The 21-year-old heavily features anything from spiders to pentacles in her music. Take ‘Day I Die’ for instance, where a house party goes awfully sinister as the night goes by.


This glam rock-influenced band is formed by drummer Ryan Seaman and vocalist/bassist Dallon Weekes, who was formerly a member of Panic! At The Disco. They released their debut album ‘Razzmatazz’ last year, with Mx. Sinister making up part of the project’s B-Sides. A chilling tune about a gender-blurring stalker? Kinda camp tbh.

4. Siiickbrain

Siiickbrain isn’t shy about traveling to extremes in her music. “You give me something that I need / I’ll be your zombie baby, turn off my crazy,” she sings in ‘Zombie’ while writhing her way out of a pit. She’s just getting started with her career, but we’re already incredibly captivated.

5. Mothica

Like a Mothica to a flame, this 26-year-old singer has us hooked. ‘Buzzkill’ brilliantly uses the horror/slasher trope to shed light on sexual assault and the trauma that comes with it, as does her other songs like ‘forever fifteen’—which candidly details her suicide attempt and the importance of mental health awareness.

6. Alice Longyu Gao

Alice Longyu Gao is a New York-based artist breaking boundaries with her multidisciplinary work. Part horror and part hyperpop, ‘LEGEND’ is a perfect example of Gao’s genre-blurring sound and absurdist aesthetic. She recently released her debut EP, ‘High Dragon and Universe’, which is a nod to her name.

7. Bohnes

Alexander DeLeon, frontman of American rock band The Cab, has been releasing music under the name Bohnes since 2015. ‘You’ve Created a Monster’ drops this week, right in time for Halloween, and dare we say…it’s a bop?

Do you have an artist to add to the list? Drop them in the comments below!

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