Interview: Dylan talks ‘Someone Else’ and being inspired by Taylor Swift


Hot on the heels of ‘Nineteen’, a song about going back to days of young love, Dylan is back and ready to turn the tables with a new song: the feisty ‘Someone Else’. Produced by King Ed (Baby Queen, beaux, Charlotte OC), ‘Someone Else’ takes on the age-old love triangle and adds some much-needed spunk to it.

“Why don’t you want me darlin’? / Why don’t you want me to yourself? / It should be me that you’re calling / It should be me and no one else,” she sings on the chorus.

Below, we hear from the Suffolk-raised singer about what inspired the song and the significance of colours in her music.

POPJUICE: First things first, take us through the song’s conception—how did it come about?

Dylan: Well, there isn’t any hidden meaning in this one. It’s very simply: why the hell do you want someone else and not me? The song came about after I had quite a long day and decided to take out my anger on the guitar and send a bunch of voice memos to my main collaborator, King Ed. This one was a lot of fun to record because we got to use a lot of overdrive on the guitars.

POPJUICE: What were some things (songs, artists, cultural moments or otherwise) that inspired the song?

Dylan: It was definitely inspired by the music I was brought up on, the likes of AC/DC and Guns n Roses, but in a ‘pop’ way. I also wanted to have a song I could properly go all out for when performing live so that inspired a lot of the production for sure.

POPJUICE: I know that you’re a Taylor Swift fan and I think ‘I love you and you love someone else’ sounds so Cruel Summer in the best way. I also love how the song starts off pretty mellow, forlorn even, and goes into such an explosive chorus. Was this contrast done on purpose?

Dylan: Yes, Taylor is definitely my biggest inspiration because she tells such a story with her songwriting! I think the contrast was done on purpose for a different reason though, I wanted to find a way to put an edge on pop and not fully dive into the rock world, which is why the synths in the verses and pre-chorus are quite dreamy. They also represent the obsession that you see in the lyrics.

POPJUICE: There’s been a real resurgence of pop-punk in music and ‘Someone Else’ definitely adds to the canon. Is this a direction that you see yourself leaning more towards?

Dylan: I’m not sure yet, but I’d like to think so because I love to play guitar on stage!

POPJUICE: Your EPs ‘Red’ and ‘Purple’ are very colour-coded and I find that so interesting. Is colour something important in your craft and what colour would ‘Someone Else’ be?

Dylan: Colour used to be very important for me, because these things can mean so much more than how you see them at first. But I think—and I’m sorry to disappoint anyone on this—that the colour EPs are over for me now. I want to start calling them different titles. But for me, Someone Else screams orange.

POPJUICE: Lastly, what can we expect from Dylan coming up?

Dylan: Some long-awaited bangers…mwahahah.

Check out ‘Someone Else’ below:

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