Bimini’s ‘God Save This Queen’ is a queer punk fantasy

Bimini's 'God Save This Queen' - POPJUICE

Fresh off being on this year’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 2, drag artist Bimini Bon-Boulash’s venture into the music scene begins today with their debut single, ‘God Save This Queen’, just in time for Pride Month.

The gender bender, cis-tem offender first teased the single last month, alongside its punk-inspired cover that plays into Bimini’s reputation for their punk fashion, both on and off the show.

Switching between rapping and singing, Bimini talks about everything from identifying as non-binary to growing up in the working class and even makes a pit stop to take a dig at fragile masculinity: “Fragile masculinity won’t get you very far / Throughout all of history it’s left too many scars / Give the freedom to the people to be who they really are”. It’s such lyrics that make ‘God Save This Queen’ a perfect introduction to Bimini’s brand of humour.

Channeling British greats like Blur and Pulp, the song was written by Bimini alongside collaborators Billie Blonde and Redshank, with the latter producing the track. It’s queer, it’s clever, it’s catchy, but what less did we expect from the artist responsible for one-quarter of this excellence?

Since their time on the show, Bimini has been keeping busy, most recently appearing in the music video for Little Mix’s ‘Confetti’ alongside fellow queens Tayce and A’Whora. With ‘God Save This Queen’, Bimini is only getting started. Release the beast, it’s Bimini’s time.

Check out ‘God Save The Queen’ on our PRIDE 2021 playlist below:

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