‘Studio 2054’ review: Dua Lipa blasts off in livestream concert


Fresh off her six nominations for the 2021 GRAMMYs, Dua Lipa proved just why she’s become this year’s unexpected pop superhero with her ‘Studio 2054’ livestream concert.

Taking place in a huge warehouse and adorned with visual references to Studio 54, the disco nightclub that the concert gets its namesake from, Lipa kicked things off with a sparkling performance of Future Nostalgia—the title track from her second studio album released earlier this year.

And if anyone out there still has reservations about the 25-year-old singer’s dance moves, it’s high time they put that to rest. On songs like current single ‘Levitating’, ‘Physical’ and ‘Hallucinate’, Lipa shows that she is more than capable of getting her groove on, and even makes a little reference to that viral meme of herself dancing, during her performance of ‘Don’t Start Now’.

The popstar also made sure to invite a few friends to her rocket ship, performing an unreleased song, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’, with fellow British singer FKA Twigs. Elton John was also beamed in for a short and somewhat abrupt performance of ‘Rocket Man’, and nu-disco predecessor Kylie Minogue graced the set to perform a medley of her own ‘Real Groove’ and Lipa’s 2019 hit ‘Electricity’. To see Dua Lipa and Kylie Minogue on the same stage is enough of a dream come true, but one only wishes they had done the clearly Kylie-influenced ‘Hallucinate’ together instead.

Elsewhere, a clip of ‘Prisoner‘, Lipa’s collaboration with Miley Cyrus, was shown, and Belgian singer Angèle also dropped by to perform their song ‘Fever‘ together live for the first time.

Surely it wouldn’t be called ‘Studio 2054’ without references to the club scene of the 70s and 80s. The sets came colourful with neon lights aplenty, and on ‘Cool’ Lipa performed the song surrounded by her dancers on roller skates. Yes, it felt incredibly foreign to see so many people congregating in one place, and a real shame to think that we might never get to properly savour ‘Future Nostalgia’ in the club—the way it was made to be enjoyed.

Still, as the show closed with Lipa’s performance of her mega hit ‘Don’t Start Now’, a firm reminder of the new place she holds in pop in 2020, we can only be grateful for the lengths that Dua Lipa has gone to in making her promotion for ‘Future Nostalgia’ as thoroughly enriching as it has been. Club 2054 is no true substitute for the real deal, but Lipa surely provides a damn good blueprint for fellow artists to follow. It’s Dua Lipa’s galaxy, and we’re all just living in it. 🚀

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