Molly Moore shows her soulful side on ‘Always Gonna Love You’

Molly Moore shows her soulful side on 'Always Gonna Love You' – POPJUICE

Born in New York and based in Los Angeles, Molly Moore is a soul-influenced singer putting her own psychedelic spin on pop.

Having released pop gems like the brass-filled ‘Over Getting Over You’, the Maty Noyes-featuring ‘Handsomer’ and the funky ‘Careful’, Moore adds one more triumph to her collection this week with the sombre and brooding ‘Always Gonna Love You’.

Set to be the final single from her debut album ‘Voice on the Internet’ out November 13th, Moore’s soulful low register shines on the track as she navigates the aftermath of a breakup. “We ruined everything, we set fire to our dream / I might hate you now, but I’m sure of one thing,” she sings over an atmospheric instrumental. Reminiscent of artists like LÉON and Winona Oak, ‘Always’ showcases Moore’s versatility and ability to switch between genres.

“This song is the result of connecting with another female artist after we both had gone through breakups,” Moore shares. “I had been needing to get this out for a while and we had a long conversation about how no matter what circumstances could’ve been different, ultimately you can’t stop love when it’s inevitable.”

Listen to ‘Always Gonna Love You’ below:

Voice on the Internet will be released on November 13th.

You can find Molly Moore on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and her website here.

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