#StayHome with music


Concerts are a thing of the past for now, but there’s no stopping us from belting it out in our bedrooms.

Inspired by this article that Spotify released about the impact of social distancing on streaming, here are some ways we can use music to tide us through these mundane times.

Meet new faces

When was the last time you discovered a new artist whose sound you loved? With all this time on your hands, it’s time to fall into that rabbit hole again.

Spotify’s algorithm isn’t always suited for fresh finds, but one method is to go on the profiles of artists you like and click on the “Fans Also Like” tab. I’ve used this to unearth countless artists that I would otherwise have slept on.

Close your eyes

And picture yourself at that Khalid concert that was supposed to happen last month. Be it live shows from the past, living room performances that are the new normal or acoustic sessions, the show goes on—and you get front row seats, no less.

Watch your language

If you have a genre you love, it’s time to try it in another language. You’ll be surprised at what you might find. I’ve always been a huge acoustic R&B fan, and only recently got into the Latin version of this genre. Never looked back since.

When I was 13

All this time spent alone at home is certainly causing many people to feel all sorts of nostalgia. Channel that by way of a deep dive into the discography of artists you used to listen to when you were younger.

If 2020 Bieber isn’t your thing, there’s no stopping you from going back to his Believe days.

Whatever music you’re listening to, I hope it makes you dance, cry and live a little—all the emotions that we need for a period like this.

Stay tuned and stay well everybody. 🎧

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