Sigrid shakes off the sadness on ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’


Sigrid doesn’t feel like crying tonight, and she wants you to know.

Fresh off a 2018 full of colourful releases like Schedules and Sucker Punch, the BBC Music Sound of 2018 winner is beginning 2019 in a similar style with (dare we say) one of her finest offerings yet.

Don’t Feel Like Crying, featuring Emily Warren on songwriting credits, is Sigrid’s triumphant ode to moving on, even if just for the time being.

“Wallowing in it would be such a waste, that isn’t gonna fix it anyway,” she sings in the pre-chorus, followed by a talk-rap portion later that doesn’t sound too far removed from Warren’s own Side Effects.

It’s a lot more Top 40 than we’re used to, but it’s heartening to see her come into her own without losing her finesse.

And if this is any indication of what’s to come on her debut album (out March 8th), the 22-year-old may well be on her way to a breakout year indeed.

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